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Dec 29, 2012 6:00pm EST
a commitment, peter hannaford said, who helped reagan with all of these; he was crucial during these years to reagan. peter hannaford said last week at the reagan library that reagan early on, he and b--o'connor said this, made a commitment to arrange his life around his taping schedule. so although he was giving 10 speeches a month around the country on behalf of conservative causes, he was always in the radio sta--the studio to do the broadcasts. so he would write them on planes, at the ranch, in the back of cars, wherever he could write them. and i don't know if you'd like to play the second one, but he describes how he writes them in his final radio broadcast in the fall of 1979, the very day that he announces he's going to run for the president of the united states. c-span: and this is also--i mean, this is from the o'connor collection. it's at the hoover... >> guest: right. it's at the hoover institution that's now preserved on cd. c-span: yeah. well, let's--let's run this one, ok? >> guest: ok. mr. reagan: (from radio broadcast) for the last time, i'm cleaning up my desk with a few
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1